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Quest for Camelot

Warner Brothers tradition of "Looney Tunes" has yet to be translated into an effective, full-length feature.  Space Jam with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan made money but was more promotion and hype than substance.  Only the Batman TV series has a constant sense of quality and substance.  Quest for Camelot also falls short of the quality and story of an Anastasia or a Disney animated feature.

The story, from the novel The King's Damsel by Vera Chapman, revolves around Kayley (Jassalyn Gilsig - voice sung by Andrea Carr).  She is a determined young woman who wants to become a knight of the round table like her late father, Sir Lionel (voice by Gabriel Byme).  The evil Ruber (voice by Gary Oldman) and his ally the Griffin (voice by Bronson Pinchot) capture King Arthur's (voice by Pierce Brosnan) magical sword Excalibur.

Kayley, determined to retrieve the sword, travels through a dark and terrifying forest, a la Snow White, where Garrett (voice by Cary Elwes, sung by Bryan White), a young blind man, helps her by joining forces along with a two-headed dragon Devon and Cornwall (voices by Eric Idele and Don Rickles) and the blessing of Merlin (voice by Sir John Gielgud) to battle for the singing sword.

Even with a great cast and an effective powerful villain, the Griffin, a large dark flying dragon,
the quest is slow moving, lacking in excitement and animated magic.

Quest for Camelot


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