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Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned is a cheesy, blistering vampire flick with some bite when the late Aaliyah comes on board as "mother" Akasha.  But the non MTV generation will not be thrilled or scared by this latest adaptation from Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles.

The posthumous final screen appearance of a hot musical talent and rising film actress is one that mirthfully catches fire under Michael Rymer's stylish direction.  But for all of the rising sizzling Gothic sanguine immortality, Queen is mostly damned with a spiritless wistfulness.

The script does allow for some intrigue into the campiness involved with vampric traits and initially invites the intellect of Rice's Interview with the Vampire.

Yet those into heavy metal and able to bear much narration are kept waiting for the appearance of the former singer/actress.  Lestat is the popular, rebellious fanged fellow and is mildly engaged as acted by Stuart Townsend (About Adam).  He's paired up in New Orleans with Jessie (Marguerite Moreau), a fetching detective who gets to know him before he reaches musical stardom.

Lestat's awakening from a deservedly long rest will ire his fellow night prowlers who don't go along with his outgoing activities.  Naturally, there will be ramifications as the millenially-aged, ever thirsty Akasha acts as a judicious magma creator.

The score is garish by hard rock standards and production values with special effects and Aaliyah's tantalizing golden costume hardware, Rymer has made Queen into a heavy metal killing festival.  Too bad the un-dead and the regally immortal are damned in favor of the contemporary audiences smitten for shrill gore.

Queen of the Damned

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