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The Program

The Program
Craig Sheffer, Omar Epps and Halle Berry

Rated: R for language and violence.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: September 24, 1993 Released by: Touchstone Pictures

The Program is about an eastern college football team, coached by James Caan. Don't look for any smart, clean cut, clean living, young athletes here. The star quarterback (Craig Sheffer) is a dare devil alcoholic, whose idea of a big nigh out is to lie down on the yellow dividing line in the middle of traffic, the tight end (Omar Epps) has to be tutored to meet the school's minimum requirements and the tackle is spaced out on steroids.

Caan who is barely on screen long enough to have his name listed in the credits, has one season to whip these guys into a winning team so they can play in the Bowl Game. Since there isn't one likable character on the team, it's difficult to muster up any enthusiasm whether they win or lose.

Most of the script takes place off field involving two boring romances with Halle Berry playing Epps' tutor and girlfriend and Kristy Swanson as Sheffer's tennis playing girlfriend. The action on field isn't very exciting and the film ends before the big Bowl Game is even played.

Take my advice, you'll have a better time watching a rerun of last week's New England Patriot's game.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
The Program     D                     D 

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