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The Prince of Tides

The Prince of Tides

Nick Nolte stars as Tom Wingo, an unemployed high school football coach from South Carolina, in this adaptation of Pat Conroy's best selling novel.

He's asked to come to New York by his suicidal twin sister Savannah (Melina Dillon) to meet with psychiatrist Dr. Susan Lowenstein (Barbara Streisand).  The doctor needs to know about Savannah's childhood so she can better treat her.

Tom doesn't know which he hates more - New York City or his sisters' shrink.  He also has trouble opening up about his difficult past.  He comes from the epitome of dysfunctional families; his shrimper father was abusive and his mother (Kate Neligan in another great small part), has learned to survive by refusing to believe anything bad ever happened and taught her children to never discuss their secrets.

Dr. Lowenstein has problems of her own.  Her son (Jason Gould, Streisand's and Eliott Gould's real life son) is indifferent to her and her overbearing husband is a classical violinist who is never around.

The love affair between Tom and Susan takes a while to get going, but once it does, it is adult and tasteful.

As Susan helps Tom to open up, he in turn helps her get in touch with her own feelings.

Nolte is just wonderful.  He gives a taut, stunning performance - one of the year's best.  Streisand, who also directed, is controlled and compassionate.  She's generous as director and lets her co-star Nolte shine.  Streisand has produced an emotionally charged romantic tear-jerker filled with tragic revelations.

The Prince of Tides

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