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The Prince & Me
The Prince & Me
Starring Julia Stiles, Luke Mably, Ben Miller, James Fox, Miranda Richardson, Alberta Watson

Julia Stiles stars as Paige Morgan, a premed student at the University of Wisconsin.

Stiles plays a farm girl, but often seems to show a bit of elitism in her own way, however she’s not the royalty referred to here. He’s Edvard (Luke Mably), a Prince and the future King of Denmark

His parents Miranda Richardson and James Fox want him to be a serious and down-to-earth young man, but Edvard is much more interested in pursuing the opposite sex.

To that end, he enrolls in college as a civilian in order to meet girls. He meets Paige and after a rocky start, they fall in love. Their love story doesn’t always run smoothly because of the differences in culture and values.

Paige teaches him about the American way of life, that doing for yourself is an admirable thing, and that having everything handed to you is not character building. The reality of moving from one’s country and leaving behind family and career also comes in to the conflicted picture. Marrying a Prince and all that entails is not just a romantic dream Paige finds out.

Directed by Martha Collidge, the film is geared toward teenage girls and for anyone who enjoys a romantic fantasy. Stiles, is as always, poised, smart and completely believable and for once Richardson and Fox are portrayed as competent and caring parents instead of the cartoonish characters that usually show up in a film aimed at teens.

The Prince & Me

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