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Price of Glory Price of Glory

Jimmy Smits plays Auturo Ortega, a Mexican-American boxer who never got a shot at the title.  Twenty years later, he's training his three sons to become the successful contender he never became.

Auturo pushes his kids hard and although he believes he's acting in their best interest, he ends up alienating them.

Smits is really good as the driven Arturo; he's not always likeable but his character is understandable.  We've all seen parents who live their unfulfilled dreams through their kids, and it's not pleasant to watch.

Maria Del Mar plays Arturo's long suffering and much too understanding wife.  His sons are Sonny, the eldest (played by Golden Gloves boxer, Jon Seda), headstrong middle son Jimmy (played by Clifton Collins, Jr.) and the youngest and most talented, Johnny (Erenesto Hernandez).  Johnny is the closest to his dad and the most eager to please him.

The boxing and training scenes are quite good, especially when the boys are just starting out in Golden Gloves tournaments.

After a weak beginning, the story of a man trying to balance his role of manager and father, draws you in.

Price of Glory

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