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Play it to the Bone Play it to the Bone

Writer/Director Ron Shelton who specializes in films focusing on sports (Tin Cup, Bull Durham and White Men Can't Jump) misses the mark with this disappointing boxing comedy.

Vince (Woody Harrelson) and Caesar (Antonio Banderas) play a couple of has-been middleweight boxers who hitch a ride with Grace (Lolita Davidovich) from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to fight on a Mike Tyson card.  Grace, one-time girlfriend to both men, agitates the two into jealous rages, so by the end of their trip Caesar and Vince are ready to go at each other with everything they've got.

The actors, pumped up and in fighting form, put on a good show in the ring; it's the getting there, that's the problem.

Bogged down with continual bickering, flashbacks of losing bouts, raunchy language and some weird sex between Vince and Ally McBeal's Lucy Liu, you've lost interest before the big fight even begins.

Shelton zooms in on the action in the ring where the battle has turned personal.  Slow motion camera work follows each punch until it connects and close-ups of bloody flesh is abundant.

The boxing scenes are rough and tumble convincing action, but there is not much else.

Play it to the Bone

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