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Piglet's Big Movie

Piglet's Big Movie

Piglet's Big Movie isn't a big theatrical release for Disney and may seem like quite a coloring book of a movie for its pre-school target audience.  Even parents won't mind the time spent with the cute pink animal as families who enjoy ABC's "Winnie the Pooh" cartoon with find a fair amount of charm in A. A. Milne's memorable characters.

The story is partitioned, unlike The Tigger Movie, with the setting back in the Hundred Acre Wood.  It's about friendship and appreciation that may grab some tikes in spite of a narrative structure that may confuse and thus leave kids restless at times.

Carly Simon provides vocals for most of the songs and appears live for the end credits, though the music rides higher on melody than lyrics.  What seemed to be gratifying for nearby tots was how those like Kanga, Pooh, and Roo went for flip pads and crayons to visually explain Piglet's path from their own point-of-view.  Francis Glebas, who directed the "Pomp & Circumstance" segment of Fantasia 2000 adds the feeling of a kid-friendly smaller animated movie.

Piglet's movie really isn't big and is light on action and is suitably fright less.  Its heart is dependent on the fact that goodness can be achieved no matter what size.

Piglet's Big Movie

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