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Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Starring Jason Isaacs, Jeremy Sumpter, Olivia Williams, Rachel Hurd-Wood,
Ludivine Sagnier, Lynne Redgrave, Richard Brier

Just what the Holiday season needs, a glorious new version of J.M. Barrie's classic about the boy who can fly. Director P.J. Hogan My Best Friend's Wedding cuts back on the high tech special effects and fills the screen with charming images.

Peter is played by fourteen year old Jeremy Sumpter. He has blue eyes and blond curly hair that frame his impish face. As Peter he has a stubborn streak which suits a boy who refuses to grow up.

He meets the Darling children when he loses his shadow in their second floor nursery while peering in the window to hear Wendy (Rachel Hurd-Wood) tell exciting stories to brothers John (Harry Newell) and little Michael (Freddie Popplewell).

Peter and his friends the Lost Boys are in need of care from a "Mother" who will read to them, and the Darling children long for an adventure, so off they fly on the famous route; the second star to the right until morning.

There they find a ragtag group of kids called the Lost Boys, a shipload of cutthroat Pirates, the crock, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell. The film follows the story we all know, except that Tinkerbell is much more vindictive here and Hook is a bit scarier, when he loses his patience, he pulls out his gun and shoots to the death.

The look of Peter Pan is great. The Darling house is a Victorian dream, with snow covered streets below. And Neverland is magical, with pink hued fluffy clouds, a forest where fairies dance in the moonlight and caves with all the conveniences of home.

Back in London, mom (Olivia Williams), dad (Jason Isaacs, who also plays Hook) and their aunt, a stuffy Lynn Redgrave wait for the children to return.

Sumpter is a cute kid who does a sound job portraying Peter and Isaacs makes an evil Hook who relishes the next plank walk. But, lovely Hurd-Wood's performance holds it all together. She's feisty, feminine and totally unaware of her magic effect, in this perfectly delightful fantasy.

Peter Pan

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