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The Perfect Score
The Perfect Score

Starring Erika Christensen, Chris Evans, Bryan Greenberg,
Scarlett Johansson, Darius Miles, Leonardo Nam, Tyra Ferrell

Brain Robbins, of Hardball, works with his producing collaborator Mike Tollin ( Radio) to take on the ethics and practice of standardized testing in The Perfect Score.

Like the SAT, Robbins' predictable film, is the kind that should be revised to create a fairer bias for all groups. The conspiracy nature of The Perfect Score ironically compares with John Hughes' The Breakfast Club in terms of character traits.

Here, six senior high schoolers confront the culture of the SAT exam by springing the answer key out of the Educational Testing Service located in their hometown of Princeton.

It's Kyle (Chris Evans- Not another Teen Movie) who gets the ball rolling to meet his aspirations of attending a fine Ivy League school to forge a career as an architect. The recruitment process to get the exam involves his best friend Matty (Bryan Greenberg), a below average student who wants to go to the University of Maryland because his girlfriend goes there. Erika Christenson ( Traffic, Swimfan) is the prim blonde Anna who feels she's living her parents' dream of going to Brown. Desmond (NBA-LA Clippers' Darius Miles ) is the star hoopster who doesn't want to go the route of Labron James or Kobie Bryant, but doesn't have the scores that colleges require. The two important folks are the antisocial Francesca (Scarlett Johansson) whose dad is employed in the building and uninhibited, stoner Roy (Leonardo Nam) who learns of the scheme while loitering in a bathroom.

Robbins has trouble steering from the teen flick blues, albeit this time on something like the SAT which has emerged into a financial power of its own. He does good in using St. John's basketball coach Mike Jarvis in the story of the slick Desmond. Despite Johansson and the promising Nam, the somewhat intense integrity on view here is much more fleeting than the tone Hughes and his talented cast demonstrated nearly two decades ago









The Perfect Score

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