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A Perfect Murder

Based on the 1952 play Dial M for Murder and the Alfred Hitchcock film that followed, Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Pattrow star in this updated slick thriller.

Douglas, suave and richly suited, plays Steven Taylor, a powerful Wall Street type, and Paltrow is his wealthy, younger wife, Emily.

She's having an affair with a long-haired, square-jawed, struggling artist (Viggo Mortensen) and her husband is having problems with his business, so tensions are running high in their posh New York penthouse.

Things come to a head when Steven offers $500,000 to kill his wife, and make it look like an interrupted break in.

Paltrow is good as the unhappy wife.  Douglas makes a very scary and believable bad guy.  He has honed the many intelligent, conniving characters he plays almost to the point of an art form.

The plot differs from the original, with an end result that is more sinister, dramatic and satisfying.

It is rated R for sexual situations and violence.

A Perfect Murder


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