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Passion of Mind Passion of Mind

Prioritizing and realizing goals in the duality of one's existence that form the disparity of reality and the subconscious is the subject of French director Alan Berliner's small-scale psychological drama that makes Demi Moore's first appearance on screen in almost three years, after demonstrating brawn and shaving her head in G.I. Jane.

In some sort of way this may have semi-autobiographical implications for Moore who has enjoyed much success as an actress and is a mother like her Marie in Passion Of Mind.  Unlike G.I. Jane, her dual role of a recently widowed French mother of two daughters, Marie, and a driven New York literary agent, Marty boasts emotional verity, although Ron Bass and David Field's narrative domain as the split personality of Passion of Mind will be its short-lived legacy.

If its dichotomy of human nature will only touch female audiences, this misty tale of a woman's need to have two lovers simultaneously will satisfy those who like the love triangle scenario with its benefits over those in one's real life.

Moore is obviously baffled from her early voice-over, not knowing herself anymore, "unable to separate my dream world from my real world."  Moore's heroine is cognizant of this double life and she isn't perceived in clinical fashion as a casualty, yet her existence does infer perilous possibilities, if there is a tragic collision between her two lives, maybe unleashing permanent psychological effects.

But this well acted, chamber styled feature, Berliner's first English speaking film, has two able male leads opposite Moore as her Marie changes as she hits the pillow at night, arising in the form of Marty.

Skarsgard's William Leeds, a charming New York writer wins over Marie through his ways with her daughter Megan at a grocery store.  The appealing business manager of one of Marty's authors, Fichtner's Aaron intrigues Marty by the slickness of how he balances his life.

The differing relationships for Marie/Marty transposing the more physical nature with William as the working relationship brings friendship, later romance, between Marty and Aaron, as Marty admits to Aaron her life as Marie.

Throughout its first half, Passion of Mind engages with the depth of its alternating courtships that provides a viable conflict.  But, as the bonds deepen with William and Aaron, passion starts to blow its mind.  And its use of Marie's and Marty's friend and psychologist, as Sinead Cusack and Peter Riegert trie to provide explanations for each woman's dream guy that lets Passion of Mind down.

A year long delay for theatrical release proves that there is something resistantly innate in the story, like Moore's Marie/Marty.  But, with the engaging Skarsgard and Fichtner who easily show why two completely different women with varying interest and looks would be attracted to them, a softer, yet attractively maturing Moore may be in the right state of mind to be able to appease her two passions in life again.

Passion of Mind

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