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Paris Can Wait

Paris Can Wait
 Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin, and Arnaud Viard

Rated: PG for thematic elements, smoking and some language.
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date:  May 12, 2017 Released by: Sony Pictures Classics

Diane Lane gets to visit her Under The Tuscan Sun comfort zone again under the light, amorous direction of Francis Ford Coppola's octogenarian wife, Eleanor in this occasionally succulent, sun-dappled bonne bouche starting out in Cannes, France.

Paris Can Wait features Lane, Alec Baldwin (The Boss Baby) and Arnaud Viard in an extended excursion that could be considered a cousin of films like Midnight in Paris, Eat Pray Love, and Big Night. Though Woody Allen and Stanley Tucci would have probably brought more sustenance to what is based on the writer/director's experiences with her husband whose Hearts of Darkness (about the turmoil and consuming nature of making Apocalypse Now) documentary she narrated.

Lane's Anne Lockwood has a thing for photography and is retired from running a dress shop while having the empty-nest syndrome with her studying-abroad daughter on the line from California. Anne's probably tired of hanging onto the career demands of her tightfisted, voluble film producer husband Michael (a rising Baldwin thanks in part to his lampooning of a brash Donald J. Trump and choice selections) whom she still adores.

The chance of a lifetime occurs when Michael is called away to settle things in Morocco and Budapest as Anne copes with a minor ear infection. She gets the Gallic tour that shimmers of cuisine and verdant settings from Michael's coquettish colleague Jacques (an amiably hedonistic Viard) in his old Peugeot where a rendezvous with Michael in the City of Lights will ultimately occur.

The winsome presence of Lane (Trumbo, Man of Steel) is evident even if Anne is rather guarded character-wise; a feel-good movie like "Secretariat" gave her a more convincing presence. The relationship with Jacques may have its trivial qualities (consider the dialogue) but a certain tenderness and romantic allure casts an odd aura from an impromptu picnic to restaurant stops, not to mention a visit to a cathedral. Under Mrs. Coppola's personal imprint Lane gets her heart aflutter with the pulchritude of this placid, yet so very patient "Paris."

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Paris Can Wait  B      C+                     B- 

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