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Wes Bentley and Rachel Nichols

Rated: R for strong violence/gore, terror and language
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: November 9, 2007 Released by: Summit Entertainment

This lame attempt at a serviceable slasher picture tries to be like Red Eye but is much closer to the more recent Captivity.

P2 is basically a two-character piece that tries to build claustrophobic chills from its dank setting of an uninhabited Manhattan parking garage.

Wes Bentley is the lonely, rather loony garage attendant Thomas and TV actress Rachel Nichols is the endangered, overworked business woman trying to get to her sister's in New Jersey on Christmas Eve.

The opening is set to the song "Santa Baby" to set up some foreshadowing as something bad has happened to someone in the back of a BMW with very dark lighting.

Everything works out for Bentley's Thomas (who loathes the repeating of his name) for a potentially engaging candlelit dinner with the alluring kidnapped, drugged woman whose car inexplicably won't start and can't get out of her skyscraper to catch a cab.

The few Christmas tunes (one of which Thomas lip-syncs doing his Elvis impersonation) have more bite than the tedious score which mirrors the effect of storytelling and direction. It's more sickening than scary as Nichols does her best to make us endure some high tension while she gets to use a fork, axe, and tire jack while eventually covered in blood.

Here is the case of another movie stretched out because logic is overwhelmed by atmosphere and ungratuitous effect. Nichols may have resemblance to a younger Bridget Fonda, but Bentley is more off-putting than creepy as a psychopath more indolent than insidious.

Most who make it through P2 will have laughed more than shrieked in a contrived Grand-Guignol fest obviously monitored by the Humane Association which deserts its premise and idea of voyeurism. Lurching in chase mode with plenty of gotchas, this vapid thriller will hardly keep similar office women from leaving early to be with loved ones.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
P2       D       D

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