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Over Her Dead Body

Over Her Dead Body
Eva Longoria Parker, Paul Rudd, Lake Bell, Jason Biggs, Stephen Root and William Morgan Sheppard

Rated: PG-13 for sexual content and language
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: February 1, 2008 Released by: New Line Cinema

From the promotion of this film we would expect Eva Longoria Parker to be the star but she has scarce film time, playing only a supporting role in a thinly scripted romantic comedy. Lake Bell who plays Ashley steals the film both in attractiveness and focus, as the other woman.

Longoria Parker's Kate is killed off in an early scene being crushed by an ice sculpture of an angel which she has rejected as a prop for her wedding. The Sculptor (Stephen Root) who is responsible for the accident also finds himself dead early on with an assignment from the white room (the waiting station after death) to guide Kate on the right path after death.

While husband Henry (Paul Rudd) mopes around missing his almost bride, we are introduced to Ashley who is a part time psychic and a caterer who has help from Dan (Jason Biggs) who is not sure of his sexual persuasion. Henry's sister, determined to pull him from his funk, enlists Ashley to communicate with Kate and tell Henry it's OK to start over with romance. To help they cheat a little by reading Kate's journal and feeding the information back to Henry impressing him with Ashley's ability to reach out to the dead.

The twist is that Kate is now wandering the world, she is not ready to go to her final reward and her nasty personality (similar to the one Longoria Parker uses in "Desperate Housewives" on TV) masks her ability to listen to instructions which can help her. So she shows up to haunt Ashley who has begun an intimate relationship with Henry. Even Father Marks (William Morgan Sheppard) can't complete an exorcism to remove Kate from her mission to protect Henry from the other woman which she believes is her reason for returning to Earth. Longoria Parker has straight hair when she is bad and it curls and looks fine when she learns what her true role is to be, but even that little twist isn't enough to help her film presence in this limited effort.

There are a few good laughs (mustard and a hot dog is the best) but they are held together by a very limited story that can't keep the film together or hold our attention.

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Over Her Dead Body  C+         D+   D         C- 

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