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The Out of Towners

Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin star in this update of Neil Simon's 1970 comedy which starred Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis.

Martin plays Ohio advertising executive, Henry Clark who goes to New York City for an important interview.  Wife, Nancy (Hawn), joins him on what turns out to be one disaster after another.

Their flight gets rerouted to Boston, they have an auto accident, are mugged on the street and end up sleeping in Central Park.  Welcome to the big city!

Hawn plays her usual upbeat, bubbly character and Martin switches between sober and responsible to silly.

John Cleese as Mr. Mersault, co-stars as an uptight hotel manager by day and an outrageous cross-dresser by night.  To watch him kicking up his high heeled long legs as he dances in his hotel room is worth the price of admission alone.  Whenever he's on screen, he dominates the action.

The original had more laughs, but there's enough here to make it a fun evening out.

It is rated PG-13 for sexual language and situations.

Jim Kathleen Ave.
The Out of Towners

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