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Out Cold

Out Cold

Out Cold is another in a line of Tomcats style films that are designed to appeal to those who enjoy raunchiness and obnoxious behavior on the part of a group of guys who love beer and long for sexual engagement with whomever they can get into bed.

Snowboarding buddies Rick (Jason London), Luke (Zach Galifianakis), Anthony (Flex Alexander) and Pig Pen (Derek Hamilton) are living large on Alaska's Bull Mountain.  But when the town founder Papa Muntz dies, his son Ted (Willie Garson) decides to sell the mountain to slick Colorado ski mogul John Majors (Lee Majors - The Six Million Dollar Man).

John brings along two daughters as he moves to take over and change Bull Mountain to a more commercial endeavor.  Inga (Victoria Silvstedt) a tall blond with an excessively large bust line, rebels by soaking in a hot tub with Luke and leaving him with just the tub to play with after she strips and walks away to bed for the night.  The other daughter Anna (Caroline Dhavernas) looks a little more real and she rebels by falling for Rick, her problem is that she is committed to a very bright disabled, Berry (snowboarding champion Todd Richards).

The ensuing battle places the good old-boys who are thirty-something, but act like sixteen, against John's obnoxious change artists.

Some scenes of snowboarding are spectacular but they are far too few.

A hollow film such as this projects its ending from the beginning and all that remains is to see how many obnoxious jokes and insults the audience can stand from these losers who we know can't help but win in the end.

Out Cold

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