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Our Song

Our Song

Our Song is the more subtle version of recent studio pictures like crazy/beautiful which got into the teen angst of a spoiled, rich girl tumultuously played by the gifted Kristen Dunst.  Jim McKay's second feature about struggling female adolescents resonates with a feel for the lives of three black high school girls without the need for urgency or plotting for entertainment sake.

His follow up to Girls Town which starred Lili Taylor takes place in the Crown Height section of Brooklyn and may seem like another coming-of-age movie about the rites of passage as a hot summer is beginning to end.

The three young actresses who play Lanisha, Maria, and Joycelyn are strong in their debuts, as Kerry Washington, Melissa Martinez and Anna Simpson give real feeling to what is aching a trio of friends who begin to dissolve from their closeness.  It should be noted that Washington has been seen by many more film goers in Save the Last Dance actually shot after Our Song.

Our Song makes itself heard as a local school undergoes renovation work to remove asbestos and the possible trip of their marching band, the Jackie Robinson Steppers, to Alaska by sponsors.  As a series of anecdotes, McKay works well with his inexperienced, yet highly able cast who have maternal troubles, but are wanting of parental affection.  The way this polished band is portrayed makes the plight of Lanisha, Maria, and Joycelyn that more affecting as a cultural pride imparts an important introspection into what can make one take the next, decisive step in life by listening to the beats, perhaps from a different drummer, as influenced by family, friends and a community.

Our Song

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