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The Other Side of Midnight

The Other Side of Midnight is a soap opera film filled with romance, revenge and the execution of power.

Noelle Page a poor innocent young French girl leaves home when her father instructs her to use her body to gain favors and employment from men, particularly older men.

In Paris she meets Larry Douglas an American flying for the Royal Canadian Air Force and they become lovers.

In perhaps the most enjoyable scenes of the film John Beck (Larry) and Marie-France Pisier (Noelle) stroll through the historic sights of Paris hand in hand as young lovers.  Even the most hardened viewers will be touched by this romantic film device which hasn't been used for years.

But it all ends soon, Larry leaves promising to return.  He doesn't.  Pregnant and alone she learns of his notorious ladies man reputation and aborts the child.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Catherine Alexander (Susan Sarandon) tricks her way into a job with a public relations firm who's director she has designs on.  He never returns her affection so when she meets Larry the subject of an army promotional film being developed by her firm they fall in love and are married.

Noelle, during this time using her father's formula, becomes a successful model and motion picture actress.  Her success is so great that she catches the attention and money of a Greek millionaire.  Using her new found money and power she sets out to destroy her former lover by forcing his removal from all jobs that have to do with flying.  Then the real plot in her mind surfaces, she hires him as her personal pilot.  After weeks of insulting him, she gives in to her emotions and falls into his arms.  Lovers again, they then plot the demise of Cathy, his wife.

From there the plot twists and turns to a surprise ending.

The story is a little sticky, but moves well and is enjoyable.  The sets are spectacular particularly the homes of the millionaire.  The costumes of the late forties and early fifties are equally impressive and their design is deserving of an academy award nomination.

The Other Side of Midnight is rated R because Miss Pisier is nude during the time she seduces her male benefactors.  The abortion scene is also somewhat graphic.

The Other Side of Midnight

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