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Osmosis Jones

Osmosis Jones

Osmosis Jones diffuses out boisterously for young and old to find raunchy and some warmth from the odd combination of live action direction by the Farrelly Brothers (There's Something About Mary) and animation by Tom Sito and Pito Kroon who did The Iron Giant.  This ambitious mixed bag which younger kids probably shouldn't see due to its noxious bodily humor was apparently toned down to secure a PG rating.

Bill Murray's body is larger than live-action and Osmosis Jones has a split personality between the animation of Murray's innards and the real world his unkempt zoo keeper inhabits.

Murray's indolent Frank Detorri has taken a hard-boiled egg out of a monkey's mouth and swallowed it with the animal's saliva still on it.  The actor here makes his unkempt look in Meatballs and Caddyshack look tidy compared to what he displays in the offensively sympathetic Osmosis Jones.

The Farrellys have Murray active in sickness as he interacts with his daughter, teacher Mrs. Boys (SNL's Molly Shannon) whom he hurls on and zaps with pimple puss from his forehead activated from within co-worker and chum Bob, the nearly-as-gross Chris Elliott, who seems happy making a living doing this sort of character.

Audiences will probably have feelings similar to what these characters experience from being with the queasy Frank.  The bright animation in the vein of the grand Merrie Melodies Toons helps  Osmosis Jones to be more than just a sick reworking of Fantastic Voyage.  In this cool, but not so witty world Jones is teamed up with Drix, a cold tablet, voiced by David Hyde Pierce who projects the feel of a Buzz Lightyear action figure.  They have to counter William Shatner's Phlemming brain cell - Mayor of Frank's bodily metropolis with an infinite population; Joel Silver's police chief; and most importantly the diabolically lethal virus Thrax, voiced by Laurence Fishburne.

Ultimately, the animation and live action can't really generate a kind of uplifting feel as a hackneyed quality comes through like a germ that makes Osmosis Jones a diluted icky, cousin of more gratuitous fare like Freddy Got Fingered and Tomcats.

Osmosis Jones

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