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Original Sin Original Sin

This lusty thriller takes place in 1900 and stars Antonio Banderas as Luis Durand, a wealthy Cuban coffee producer and Angelina Jolie as Julia Russell, his mail order bride from America.

Julia is more beautiful in person than the plain woman in the picture Luis was sent, but he can't complain because he was less than honest when he wrote to Julia that he was a mere clerk on his plantation, and not in fact, the owner.  A relationship based on lies has nowhere to go but down, and boy does this one take a quick nose dive.

Against his friends' advice, Luis marries Julia the evening she arrives and moves into his fabulous mansion.

Luis is soon captured by Julia's charms.  She does things that ladies of the time just didn't do; smoking cigars, traveling unaccompanied, freely spending Luis' money and openly expressing her sexuality, to name a few.  But, her unconventional ways just seem to make Luis more obsessed with his bride.

I won't be giving anything away by saying that Julia runs off and Luis vows to track her down, because the trailers tell you as much.  However, just when you think you've got it figured out, the film takes an unexpected turn.

Jolie, all pouty-mouthed and flirty, is perfect for the role.  A woman who with the arch of her eyebrow punctuates her determination.  And Banderas, fiery and expressive, is also just right for the passionate Luis.

The look of the film is much like its stars, beautiful, exciting and a bid naughty.  From the mansion with its open courtyards, to the theater with its curtained opera boxes, to the colorful and forbidden brothels, the settings are a wonderful backdrop for the suspense.

Original Sin isn't exactly a love story, but a tragedy of greed, obsession and murder.  Beautifully photographed, it's a provocative tale, dramatically told.

Original Sin