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  Only You

If you're yearning for a light romantic comedy, this film definitely foots the bill.  It tells the story of Faith (Marisa Tomei), a beautiful young woman searching for her soulmate.

When, as a child, she asked the Ouija board to reveal the name of her future beloved, she was given the name "Damon".  When she finally has an exchange with a man of this name, her romantic and adventurous spirit leads her to "go to extremes" in order to locate and meet him.  "Faith" is a fitting name for this character since she has put an abundance of it into the Ouija board's prediction and the encounter she doggedly pursues.

Marisa Tomei is elegant as Faith.  She possesses a simple beauty reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.  In fact, one of the scenes in the film was taken straight out of Hepburn's Roman Holiday - where the lovelorn couple stands before the mouth of truth in Rome.  Tomei dresses impeccably and inspired in me a firm resolve to make a "bigger effort" myself.  She is likely to positively influence fashion like Julia Roberts did with Pretty Woman.  While we never learn how Faith manages to afford the lovely clothes she sports, this is, after all, a fantasy.

Robert Downey, Jr. plays the adorable shoe salesman that Faith meets in Italy.  While he immediately proves to be her "sole mate" as he admires her fine taste in shoes, their "soul" connection isn't as spontaneous nor as smooth.

This film will take you away from your more earthly cares where you will revel in the questions of destiny, true love and compatibility.  Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Only You


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