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One on One

One on One was produced to be Robby Benson's Rocky.  It fails miserably.

Benson with his father, Jerry Segal, hoped to trade in on the underdog success of Rocky and the Bad News Bears; their creation is a joke.

Benson receives a basketball scholarship to a large Western University.  He arrives in the big city so simple and innocent he would be an embarrassment to his supposed country folk parents.

Light in the study department he is tutored by Annette O'Toole who hates athletes but quickly turns around and falls for Benson.  Through most of the film it's love and basketball.

Meanwhile, Benson's coach, disappointed in his performance on the court, pushes him unmercifully.  Robby has a style that does not fit in, but true to the film's theme he steps in at the last second and wins the big game.

Benson comes off not as innocent, but stupid.  O'Toole's character changes so quickly from an anti-jock intellectual to Benson's lover it is hard to buy.  Her professor boyfriend and Benson's coach are portrayed as being the personification of evil to the extent they become laughable.

Over done is a kind word for this film.  Few will be satisfied when leaving the theater.

One on One

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