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The One

In The One Jet Li gets to display his athletic and martial arts expertise against a blue screen.  And with James Wong's direction elevating the leaps and kicks through computer graphics and digital effects, Li is a game figure in a science fiction high-tech video extravaganza.

After looking better, but weary after the failed, but somewhat amusing Kiss of the Dragon, Li has much more to do than the elegant Lara Croft, played with exotic flash by Angelina Jolie.

The movie, a collaboration on the script between Wong and Glen Morgan, will have its target audience wondering if there's a PC version.  It almost wants to be viewer interactive because watching it will confuse those who don't play these type of games at home.

Within multiple universes the "MBI" like the "FBI" must be in control of different existences, so the bad Yulaw (Li) has to go through 123 of them as a hunter to eradicate his other identical lives.  The catch is that after terminating one of the others, those who remain become more powerful.

Wong and Morgan know their final destination is reached through chasing and fighting, and they accomplish it in a way that appeals to those who like their action done in a way that Star Trek and Mortal Kombat fans would approve.

One cannot expect emotions to play a big part in a film which feels like a hybrid of The 6th Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger or a spin-off of Face Off, because the importance of staging the fierce encounters overrides all else.

The One

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