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On Deadly Ground

On Deadly Ground
Steven Seagal, Joan Chen, Michael Caine, R. Lee Ermey, John C. McGinley, Billy Bob Thornton, Richard Hamilton, Mike Starr and Kenji Nakano

Rated: R for violence.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: February 18, 1994 Released by: Warner Brothers

Steven Seagal Stars, produces and directs On Deadly Ground and makes the point that it is politically correct to blow up people but not bears.

Sound silly? It is. There are typical Seagal-type scenes --- blow up buildings and fight in bars --- with no concern for the consequences which could result in manslaughter. Forrest Taft (Seagal) states at one point, "I'm opposed to violence," then he proceeded to reveal a cache of arms big enough to start a revolution. The violence is flat and dull. One comment I heard as I exited was "It was boring". It has always been difficult for me to understand how an action adventure film that uses enough explosives to sink an air craft carrier is dull. In this case Seagal proves one thing, he is not a director.

Joan Chen is wasted as Masu and academy award winner Michael Caine is silly as a shouting president of Aegis Oil and the villain. He is so bad I'm surprised he didn't quote Ronald Reagan's line "Trees pollute, too."

Under Segal's direction, On Deadly Ground is silly and disjointed. Even worse, it is not loyal to action fans who expect excitement. Near the end Seagal runs off about ecology as if he were lecturing or testifying before Congress. Not what action fans want to see and hear.

Seagal should go back to sea. His best scenes in this movie take place at the end of the film, behind the credits. The scenes of birds, animals and landscape in Alaska make a fine travelogue but alone they cannot save this film which is dead on arrival.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
On Deadly Ground  C-                        C- 

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