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The Omega Code

The Christian film making community has produced a film with slick special effects.  I would have expected some of the funding for the film to be expended on a coherent script and some folks who were skilled performers.

There are scores of uplifting stories of joy about Christ and the principals of Christianity one would expect Christian film making to spend time and money on, why choose this degrading ugly dark image that is difficult to understand.  The Omega Code is another in a series of end of the millennium religious disaster films.  In this story the Torah contains strains of an embedded code that can be deciphered by a sophisticated computer program.  It reveals all of human history up to the last days.

Gillen Lane (Casper Van Dien - Starship Troopers), a charismatic leader, is also a motivation consultant and TV huckster, who is hired by Stone Alexander (Michael York) to help promote the European Union which he heads.  We of course quickly discover that Alexander is the beast who plans to take over the World for the dark side.  Dominic (Michael Ironside - Starship Troopers), a former priest carries out murders for Alexander and Cassandra Barris (Catherine Oxenburg) reports everything on the Alexander Satellite Network.

The code which would reveal Alexander's evil intentions becomes the focus of the story as each faction searches to find and reveal the code, or in Alexander's case mask the predictions from the world which he has duped into believing he is the leader for the next millennium.

The characters move from cities to cities and continents to continents searching and killing to gain control of the sacred documents.

The producers have given in to the idea that special effects make a movie, forgetting that a script is at the heart of any story.  The choppy direction is confusing as the characters jump from place to place in constant frantic motion.  Van Dien has a wonderful Dick Tracy jaw, and little skill as a performer; he is embarrassing to watch.  Ironside, Oxenburg and York are acceptable but look silly spouting lines like "Any man who can kill his own father has the strength to accomplish anything".  Great Christian philosophy.

Even with its irreverent, insulting and sometimes obnoxious references to God and Christ I found Dogma more spiritually inspiring.

The Omega Code

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