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The Odd Couple II

This is the best comedy in years!  Neil Simon's script mixes nostalgia for Felix Unger (Jack Lemmon) and Oscar Madison (Walter Matthau) and hilarious situations in creating a sequel that is even better than the original.  Lemmon's Felix responds more to situations reducing his irritating style of the original 1968 film, while Matthau's Oscar continues to be completely free and unconcerned with convention.  The combination produces a riotous comedy.

The comedy comes from the many crises which the couple enter into because of their character flaws.  Oscar is interrupted while he is playing a low stakes poker game in Sarasota, Florida with a group of elderly women by a telephone call to inform him that his son is about to marry Felix's daughter.  The two meet at Los Angeles International Airport and set out for the wedding.  With perfect chemistry, Matthau and Lemmon carry out every situation with flawless timing, creating enjoyment for the audience in each situation that goes wrong.

Felix was precise at 45.  Now he is 75 and has everything under control.  Oscar was sloppy at 45 and is more so at 75.  The combination is lethal comedy.

The Odd Couple II

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