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Object of My Affection

Jennifer Aniston of TV's Friends plays Nina, a New York social worker who asks her openly gay friend George (Paul Rudd - Clueless) to move in with her.

Nina's boyfriend Vince (John Pankow - Mad About You), an opinionated lawyer, is happy with the arrangement at first, but as the two friends get closer, he begins to feel threatened.

Nina and George go to dance classes at the local community center, watch old TV movies together and talk late into the night, and soon Nina's feelings go beyond friendship, and when she finds out she's pregnant with Vince's baby Nina wants to raise the child with George.

Aniston's character is complex and well developed and she's very believable in the part.  Rudd is also very good as good hearted, sweet George.  However, the most interesting character is played by distinguished actor Nigel Hawthorne. He plays an aging, gay theater critic desperately trying to hold on to his young lover.  His performance is subtle and elegant.

There's a lot to like about this film.  Beside the main characters, the co-stars are top notch as well.  Alan Alda is funny as Nina's brother-in-law, and Allison Janney as Nina's step-sister, a sarcastic know -it-all, is terrific.

If the story is a bit hard to swallow with its different lifestyles and relationships, the appealing cast makes it all very entertaining.

It is rated R for language and adult situations.

Object of My Affection


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