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No Escape 2015

No Escape 2015
Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan and Owen Wilson

Rated: R for strong violence including a sexual assault, and for language.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: August 26, 2015 Released by: Bold Films

Owen Wilson is Jack Dwyer a regular man caught up with his family in a coup in a South Asian Country.  The film is a tense, harsh, violent grading action flick. 

Why Jack Dwyer did not head to South East Asia first and check out the location before bribing his family, is questionable and creates a barrier which we must overcome in the early going.   

But that doesn't alter the determination of director, John Erick Dowie's presentation of a complete action film that has very little quiet time for us too catch our breath.  Dwyer not only is in a country he knows little about, but his wife and two little girls are there with him.  As soon as he arrives the nation begins to fall apart.  In fact 17 hours after he leaves for the family's new home and a new job the leader of the third world country is assassinated in a bloody attack.  

Wilson has been the running man in the past, we remember Behind Enemy Lines where he was a lost U.S. military man running to connect with a submarine commanded by Gene Hackman. Here he doesn't have to be a trained strong runner, his character is not at all ready to fight and take on vicious rebels who are determined to kill Americans in this foreign land.

The insertion of a regular guy in an extraordinary situation fits the Hitchcock mold as in Saboteur with Robert Cummings, Cary Grant in North By NorthWest or Jimmy Stewart in The Man Who Knew Too Much.  These characters don't deserve to be in the situation which they wander into.  

This film never stops the action, and both Wilson and Lake Bell who plays his wife learn how violent they can be when it comes to saving their kids from the hordes of rebels roaming the streets and the hotel they are registered in. 

The musical sound track nicely adds to the tension and the sound track is used to create an atmosphere of being there.  When a bomb explodes the characters can not hear for a short time, the sound track is lowered to allow the audience to experience what the Dwyers are hearing and feeling. 

Pierce Brosnan is back as a secret agent who lives in the back rooms of the capital city.  He is not slick, he is grubby and older and cynical about what he does and how companies and foreign countries take advantage of the folks in this third world nation.  But he is there just when all appears to be lost and he is the one to help pull off one of the escapes from a sure death situation for the family.  They are constantly in cliff hanger situations where all appears to be lost.

No Escape is pure action and it earns its ® rating with bloody violent scenes.  It also keeps us on the edge of our seats until the climax at the end which sadly is not deserving enough for  all that comes before.  

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Dayra Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
No Escape 2015  B   B   C   C               B+   B 

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