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Nights in Rodanthe

Nights in Rodanthe
Richard Gere and Diane Lane

Rated: PG-13 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: September 26, 2008 Released by: Warner Brothers

When I interviewed Diane Lane a few years ago we spoke of films that revolve around women and how they were more prevelentain the past. Well here in Night In Rodanthe we have a film that revolves around Lane's character even when Richard Gere comes into the picture.

Unlike her role in Unfaithful it is her husband who has stepped out on Lane. She finds herself managing a bed and breakfast on the beach in North Carolina to cover for a friend. Her daughter is as difficult early on as she is helpful in the resolution at the end. Gere, estranged from his son - both are doctors, finds himself suffering from failure during a surgery from a women living near the location of the house on the beach. The location itself is a character in the film; the beautiful beach and the quaint building with blue shutters and wide views of the ocean holds the adhesive which will change each of the characters.

The four nights are filled with effective performance by Gere and Lane and a script that demands our attention. The relationship is clumsy at first but jazz from the past begins to start a light of understanding between the two. I guess if we are going to be stuck in a beach house during a violent storm Richard Gere or Diane Lane would be a pretty good partner to be with.

Somewhat of a two person play with with a backdrop of the house and storm, a few other characters enter their private space: a good friend and a man who has suffered a crippling loss which Gere's character has difficulty coming to terms with. We learn more of Gere's motivation to be alone and reconnect with his son through flash backs.

Eventually they eat, drink and dance on the end of a pier which reminds us of Picnic from the fifties. They use letters rather than E-mail and reach out to an audience filled with the warmth of two people coming together in resolution of pain with a little bit of The Bridges of Madison County before Lane's daughter heals the wounds.

Gere and Lane show us love is worthwhile no matter what happens.

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Nights in Rodanthe  B+   B-            D-      B   B- 

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