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A Night At The Roxbury

Saturday Night Live has spawned many of its skits into full length feature films, and A Night At The Roxbury is the latest.

Will Farrell plays Steve Rutabi and Chris Kattan plays his brother Doug.  The most important thing in their life is to go nightclubbing.  But, the first hurtle they have to overcome is actually getting into the clubs.

Farrell and Kattan's head bopping and spastic slam dancing routine could lose its appeal after a few minutes, so luckily there is a story, even if it is slim.

Their father (Dan Hedaya) wants his sons to work in his plastic plant shop and give up their disco obsession.  However they have grander ideas of opening a hip club of their own.

Steve and Doug are a mixture of 70's dress and nerdy innocence.  Dressed in bright, iridescent suits, slicked back hair and sprayed on sideburns, they line up nightly trying to talk their way past the velvet ropes and burly bouncers.

When they finally get in the Roxbury, L.A.'s hippest club, and meet two women who mistake Steve and Dough for rich businessmen, their antics on the dance floor are hilarious.  In fact, almost anything these silly brothers do, makes me laugh.

Loni Anderson has a small role as a Barbi doll-like Mrs. Butari and SNL alumni, Molly Shannon co-stars as Steve's love interest.

You might have to be a fan of the Saturday Night Live skit to really enjoy this silly film.  All I know is that I laughed out loud at these wacky characters.

It is rated PG-13 for obscenities and sexual content.

A Night At The Roxbury


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