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Night and the City

Night and the City
Robert DeNiro, Cliff Gorman, Jessica Lange and Alan King

Rated: R For language and violence.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: October 16, 1992 Released by: Twentieth Century Fox

Robert DeNiro stars s Harry Fabian in this remake of Jules Dassin's 1951 film that originally starred Richard Widmark. Fabian is a fast-talking ambulance chaser with a background in legal aid, who hangs out at a Manhattan bar owned by Phil (Cliff Gorman) and his wife, Helen (Jessica Lange).

After losing a personal injury case against a boxer managed by "Boom Boom" Glassman (Alan King), Harry decides to change careers and be a boxing promoter himself. When Boom Boom threatens him after the lawsuit, Harry gets even by getting involved with his estranged brother Al (Jack Warden), an ex-boxer.

Harry comes up with an idea to put together a paying customers. He rents a disco, has posters and tickets printed. He's got everything he needs except the money to back up his plan.

Harry's not a bad guy. He has a kind heart, he just likes to take short cuts, and he doesn't like to pay full price, so that's exactly what he gets out of like -- just what he pays for,

Lange looks appropriately tired and rumpled, but she still lights up the screen and King is good as the bad-tempered bully.

DeNiro is super with his manic, fast-talking manner. Helen tells him that he has "more energy than Con Ed" and it's true, he's both funny and tragic. Harry's beaten up, screamed at, threatened, cheated and shot at, you know he's doomed from the beginning, but you still root for mim to pull it all off.

The film has a great 60s rock score that matches beat for feat the cocky swagger of Harry. Comedy, drama, wonderful music and terrific acting add up to a great package.

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Night and the City     A-                     A- 

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