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Next Stop, Wonderland

If you are in your thirties and not married it may take a trip to Wonderland to set it right.

Erin Castleton (Hope Davis) after falling in and out of a relationship with a liberal activist, Sean (Phil Hoffman) is set free in the Boston dating game.  Her pushy mother even places an add in the Boston Herald personals.  She comes in contact with all the weak men possible.  The married man, the gay man, the insecure man, the mama's boy and the generally obnoxious guys who hit on every girl they can.

It's depressing to walk through that gauntlet in life.  Dating is tough enough but if one is over thirty it falls into another dimension.

The men put off the idea of a permanent relationship and talk of scoring, but when they meet someone like Erin, they fumble and stumble like kids.  Women are more honest but also construct a protective barrier to avoid the same hurt men feel.

Depending on how one defines them, Erin's journey is paved with either faith or chance.  A blow fish, a trip to Brazil, revenge of an overused phrase and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority work as catalysts for the Next Stop, Wonderland and Erin's connection to the future.

This quiet slow moving film filled with enchanting Samba and Bossa Nova music for romantic background, feels real, looks real and brings those small rewards that make up most lives.

Next Stop, Wonderland


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