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Ice Cube is back as Craig Jones living through another wild Friday this time at his Uncle Elroy's (D.C. Curry) house in suburbia.

This time along with his cousin Day-Day (Mike Epps) he must avoid escaped prisoners, Debo (Tommy Tiny Lister Jr.) and Tyrone (Sticky Fingaz) who are out for revenge from the last Friday.  His father (John Witherspoon) relies on bathroom humor but he is the most comical part of the film.

With his luck, Craig finds his cousin Day-Day who is living in a beautiful new home due to his father's winning the lottery.  He also finds that the next door neighbors are Hispanic drug dealers.

Uncle Elroy spends his time using drugs and in bed with his new young wife who has designs on Craig.  Craig dreams of the girl next door, Karla (Lisa Rodriguez) who is the sister of the drug dealers.

Better at the beginning, the story becomes repetitious and the two silly cousins continue to make mistakes and become victims of chance.

With very little that's new and not much imagination Ice Cube and the bunch successfully entertain.

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