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The Negotiator

Samuel L. Jackson plays a Chicago police hostage negotiator who is framed for stealing form a police disability fund and killing his partner to cover up the embezzlement.

All of a sudden, the men whom Danny Roman (Jackson) worked and partied with at his wedding look at him as if perhaps they really don't know him at all.  As the evidence mounts against him, Roman takes matters into his own hands.

He heads to the Internal Affairs office to demand answers from the officer (J. T. Walsh) who he believes is setting him up.

He takes the officer, his female assistant, and a small-time crook who just happened to be there hostage.  And since Roman doesn't know whom to trust in his own department, he asks for a negotiator (Kevin Spacey) from another district.

The tense hostage situation is heightened by choosing a small cramped office with large windows facing the street as the setting.  Police helicopters circle, SWAT teams are prepared to rush the building and inside, the tension mounts.

Jackson is a great talent and his performance here is noteworthy.  Spacey, as the controlled negotiator is, as always, in top form.  Together they deliver dialogue with taut, clipped precision.

Plenty of action punches up this psychological drama making it a real winner.

It is rated R for violence.

The Negotiator


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