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National Security

National Security

Director Dennis Dugan attempts to use the film's star Martin Lawrence as a bandage for a script that is loosing blood faster than a man decapitated.  It seems the bowls of Hollywood have opened and the crap is exploding.

National Security is based on the story of a police officer (Steve Zahn) who is sent to jail for beating a suspect.  That suspect is Lawrence's character who has a problem with any caucasian and uses the attempted assistance from this officer to fend off a bee to which he could die from being stung.  This character is annoying, rude and just plain antisocial - not exactly someone you can warm up to or root for.

In an ironic twist of fate, both problem child and former cop end up working for the same security company.  While trying to solve the murder of his former partner this diligent former officer ends up in a shoot-out with the bad guys and has to team up with the lying sack of crap that cost him his job, his life and his love.

As one might expect, the good guys win, their lives returned to storybook happiness and the bad guys meet an end just for the crimes...what crap!

Though there are some car chases, gun fights and even a bit of on screen chemistry between the stars, National Security falls short on protecting you from being bored and even worse being apathetic to the characters.

You might consider this a Beverly Hills Cop meets Animal House (I'm sorry for even bringing these film into this discussion) but the action is never electric, the humor sparse and the story never fully explored.  This could easily been a straight to video nonevent.

National Security

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