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Mystery, Alaska

Does the small town hockey team of Mystery, Alaska stand a snowball's chance in hell against the New York Rangers?  If stars Burt Reynolds and Russell Crowe have anything to say about it, they do!

Crowe is the town sheriff and a veteran of the hockey team that is the pride and joy of the little frozen hamlet.  Reynolds plays a stern judge who moonlights as coach when the big boys come to town.

After a Sports Illustrated article is written by a one-time resident (Hank Azaria) extolling the skating talents of the team, an exhibition game with the Rangers is set up.

The Alaskans play on a pond without backboards, without uniforms and most importantly, without a zamboni.  However, do they play with heart?  The answer is yes, but with little else.

T.V.'s writer/producer, David E. Kelley has introduced so many characters and story lines, that it's difficult to keep them straight.

Once the game begins, it's pretty exciting and you do get caught up rooting for the underdogs.  However, the time spent getting there is the problem.  Flirting, sexual shenanigans and crude language seem to be their main focus; even the young son of the Sheriff has a dirty mouth.

After this second disappointing outing (this Summer's Lake Placid being the first), perhaps Mr. Kelley should consider keeping his day job.

It is rated R for sexual language and content.

Mystery, Alaska


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