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My Boss's Daughter

My Boss's Daughter is just silly, slapdash late summer stock theater to fill multiplex screens.  Those besides Demi Moore who adore Ashton Kutcher will see him make an ass of himself throughout David Zucker's hapless spoof of comedies like Risky Business and Meet the Parents.

From a generic script by David Dorfman (Anger Management), Kutcher as Tom Stansfield, a rising publishing company employee, is in the company of actors like Tara Reid, Terence Stamp, and Molly Shanon.  Basically, Tom agrees to house sit for Stamp's strangely urban boss Jack Taylor thinking of very pleasant evening in the company of Taylor's daughter, Lisa, with Reid looking as good as she did way back in American Pie.

The story is just an excuse for lame sight gags that feature urination, thanks to Andy Richter's Red who happens to be Lisa's brother with a restraining order against him.  The running gag turns on stereotypes against blacks and O.J. Simpson with Jack's owl named "OJ" on the loose along with runaway mice.

The crude humor probably overseen by the Farrelly Brothers is so exasperating that one wishes they could be free not to watch this movie.

My Boss's Daughter

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