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The Musketeer

The Musketeer

A big ego, a fast horse and an even faster sword - that's what makes a Musketeer.

This current incarnation of the Musketeer tale is a teen's version for the youth of today and that is a bit unfortunate.  I do give credit for the cinematography and the costumes of the period, but it is a weak script.  The tale revolves around the son of a slain Musketeer who, with a mentor, becomes a great swordsman and looks for revenge and to become a fabled Musketeer.

Justin Chambers plays D'Artagnan the vengeful son who travels to Paris to “become” a Musketeer and to exact revenge for his slain parents.  Enter Stephen Rea as the villain Cardinal Richelieu who is plotting against the King and his henchman Febre (Tim Roth) who is the killer of the boy's parents.  Soon D'Artagnan finds the Musketeers as a disbanded bunch of drunks and dregs as a result of their leader being imprisoned by the evil Cardinal.

Finding Aramis (Nick Moran), Porthos (Steven Spiers) and Athos (Jan Gregor), our would be Musketeer arranges to free their captive leader Treville.  This bravado endears D'Artagnan to the Musketeers and he is looked upon as a brother in arms.  This bold action enrages Cardinal Richelieu who decides to hunt down those who would deny him his chance to rule.

Attempting to protect the King and regain their past graces, the Musketeers, with the help of D'Artagnan's love interest Francesca, the chambermaid of the Queen (Catherine Deneuve), prevent a coup by the good Cardinal.  Not to be thwarted, the Queen is soon captured by the Cardinal and the Musketeers must save the day.

There is some exceptional sword play, but not enough, and the level of swashbuckling is almost perfect.  Had director Peter Hyam had a better script I'm sure this cast would have been better served.  Deneuve, Roth and Chambers provide great screen time with what they are given and the action sequence choreography being done by Xin-Xin Xiong (Once Upon A Time In China) raises the level of this film from mediocre to acceptable.

In short, The Musketeer is a fun film to watch.

The Musketeer

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