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Muppets From Space

Having an identity crisis?   Who wouldn't if you were fuzzy, blue, hook beaked and troubled by reoccurring nightmares!

Enter Gonzo, or as he likes to be called, Gonzo The Great, in his first lead role.  Gonzo is disturbed by dreams of Noah refusing him access to the Ark because he is the only one of his kind.  Even with all his pals living in a uniquely Muppet-esque boarding house, his loneliness grows.  This emptiness plagues Gonzo until his breakfast cereal begins to form messages like "R U There?" and "Watch The Sky".  With this information Gonzo concludes he must be from outer space and the adventure begins!

It seems that Gonzo is not alone as a secret government agency name COVNET has been finding similar messages in satellite photos.  Agency head K. Edgar Singer (Jeffrey Tamber of The Larry Sanders Show fame) is convinced that an alien invasion is imminent and attempts to enlist the military with no success but lots of laughs.  Certain of an evil alien plot, Singer dispatches his version of Men in Black to abduct Gonzo.  MIB agent Barker (Josh Charles of ABC's Sports Night) has the misfortune of facing Miss Piggy in a Kung-Fu matchup.  Hilarious!

Kermit ultimately saves Gonzo from his jailers at COVNET and the Muppets gather on Cape Doom with a wild assortment of UFO believers to discover a brilliantly played out funky / psychedelic flying saucer party scene.

While we have the familiar cast of Muppet characters, Miss Piggy as a wannbe TV anchor woman who lights up the screen (yes, a Muppet can light up the screen!) with her confrontation with Shelly Snipes (Andie MacDowell, recently in Just the Ticket and Michael) the current news anchor, and Kermit as the good natured leader of the Muppets.  New faces of Pepe, who has some absolutely wonderful lines, and Bobo (one of Singers henchmen) provide some welcome fresh personalities.

Numerous cameos have been a mainstay for the Muppets and what a group they have assembled for this!  David Arquette as a prison warden with some odd personality traits, Kathy Griffin portrays a prison guard who after an encounter with Animal shows what a pure heart she has, Hollywood Hulk Hogan of wrestling fame, Pat Hingle, Rob Schneider and Ray Liotta round out the cast.

A good pace, lots of action and a superb sound track of 70's music makes for a truly fun family movie feast.  The usual Muppet satire has not been lost either with jabs at Close Encounter of the Third Kind, Independence Day, The Shawshank Redemption and even the Spice Girls.

Go and enjoy this rare family find and let the kid inside you out to play;  you'll be surprised how the upbeat music like Brick House and a fantastic scene for Celebration will tickle parts of you which you may have forgotten.  Oh, don't forget to bring the kids!

Muppets From Space

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