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Mr. 3000
Mr. 3000
Starring: Bernie Mac, Angela Bassett, Dondre T. Whitfield,
Brian White, Michael Rispoli

Bernie Mac is usually a very funny man, but even his cocky screen demeanor pales quickly in Mr 3000, a by the numbers baseball yarn about a retired player, known for his arrogance and selfishness who returns to the lineup of the Milwaukee Brewers at age 47 in an attempt to get the three hits that have been removed from his record of 3000.

The trajectory of the plot is brazenly obvious, especially to anybody who’s had the misfortune to see Mr Baseball, the Tom Selleck vehicle from 1992 about an over the hill major league star who took a spot on a Japanese team, where he relearned his love of the game and found romance as well. It’s inevitable that Stan Ross (Mac), is not only going to recognize the importance of being a team player rather than a prima donna (and revitalizing the ailing franchise in the process), and that he will finally connect with Mo Simmons (Angela Bassett), the sports reporter he once romanced and lost because of his attitude.

And there are, needless to say, a few contrived third act hurdles to postpone the resolution of the story an appearance on the Jay Leno show that earns Ross the anger of both teammates and Mo, as well as a decision to bench Stan during the final away games so that he can attract more fans to the last stretch of home games.

There’s a kind of poetic justice in the fact that the big fish of Mr 3000 involves a dilemma over whether Stan will try to make that last hit he needs to meet his goal, or sacrifice it to give his team a third place finish in their division. That’s what known as setting one’s sights low, and the film makers have done that themselves. Unfortunately, they’ve hit their target, their movie is a foul ball that, despite all Mac’s efforts, doesn’t reach the comedy playoffs.

Mr. 3000

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