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The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies

Manifest destiny or free will - that is one of the questions raised by The Mothman Prophecies.  Unfortunately it is the only question raised by the film that you might actually follow or care about.

Based on "true" events during 1966 and 1967, Richard Gere is cast as powerful newspaper reporter who somehow stumbles into a small West Virginia town called Point Pleasant.

It is here that Gere's character, John Klein, faces his past, including dealing with his wife's sudden death from a brain tumor.  By the guiding hand of fate or "something" bigger, his arrival in Point Pleasant coincides with the appearance of the Mothman.  These creatures look familiar from drawings the townspeople have made to the drawing of an angel his wife made just before her death.  It seems she saw one just before she was diagnosed with the cancer - her own angel of death.

These harbingers of bad news and forecasters of the future have unique ways of communicating their messages that include dreams, sink drains and telephone calls.  This is where the movie falls apart.  You have no idea what the messages are, why they are given, who is giving them and why one would not go screaming as they ran from this small town never to look back.

You will meet town folk that seem out of time and place.  Gere does a good job with the role, but the story is just not there.  You have an expected town odd ball, a love interest and a mythical bad man.  It is beyond me how with that much going for it, that this film goes nowhere.

Director Mark Pellington did a great job with a previous thriller, Arlington Road, but here the film is delivered in a hodgepodge of images and is so chaotic that following it is a full time job.   I must credit cinematographer Fred Murphy with making some suspenseful scenes, but without a script to support them, they are just flickers of brilliance in a failed script of darkness.

You'll not need a muse or crystal ball with this film, only strong coffee and the nerve to be less than entertained for two hours.

The Mothman Prophecies

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