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 Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Paul Giamatti and Jennifer Jason Leigh

Rated: R for brutal violence, and some language.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: September 2, 2016 Released by: Twentieth Century Fox

The stories of sentient beings vs human beings has filtered all over science fiction for years.  Data in Star Trek The Next Generation, Leonard Nimoy in an episode of The Outer Limits,  Haley Joel Osment in AI, and perhaps the closest to Morgan, Ex Machina with Alicia Vikander.   

Early on we find  Lee Weaters (Kate Mara) assigned to evaluate the Morgan project which is hidden in a mountain in the North West.  She is the cold corporate entity who is assigned to make a decision as to the success of the project and determine if continuing is a project of value to the unnamed corporation. She arrives and appears very stoic and severe with a cold exterior from which she makes it clear to the staff that she will make a determination and decide if Morgan will continue or will be destroyed.  The argument begins quickly as to the right of the staff to take Morgan's life.   Anya Taylor-Joy plays the key role of the engineered creature who has about half human DNA and some manufactured extra special genes which allow her to carry on in extraordinary manners.  

We see Toby Jones as Dr. Simon Ziegler leading the team and acting very protective of the young girl, Morgan played effectively by Anya Taylor-Joy. She has the task of being five years old but looking like twenty along with extraordinary strength and emotions that vary like an adolescent.  Each of the staff members has a relationship with the young woman and are all protective of her and the project which she is the center of.  Morgan calls Dr Lui Cheng (Michelle Yech) mother for no obvious reason.  She is attached to Dr. Kathy Grieff (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who has little to do but nurse wounds from an encounter with the subject.  Paul Giamatti is the psychiatrist who is called in to test Morgan's emotional stability and suffers from the results of his harsh tone with the young girl.  

From that point on the script becomes one in which we observe the characters all become victims of Morgan with the exception of one.  The script keeps our attention not just with action and violence it forces us to think about what is human and does Morgan qualify.  But if she is or isn't who makes the decision to keep her alive or be remove as a wasted corporate project.  

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Matt Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Morgan  B      C+   B-                  B- 

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