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Mom and Dad Save the World

Teri Garr and Jeffrey Jones star as Marge and Dick Nelson, average Californians off on a weekend anniversary trip.  Tod Spengo (Jon Lovitz), dictator of the planet Spengo which is inhabited by people who are stupid, falls in love with Marge as he searches the surface of the Earth to determine where to aim his destructo ray.  He plans to destroy the Earth to make Spengo the greatest planet in the Universe.  Dick and Marge are drawn through space in their Ford station wagon.  Marge takes pictures with her automatic rewind camera as they travel by Saturn and on to Spengo.

On the planet they find stupid people, by their own definition, who pick up loaded explosives because "pick me up" is written on them and destroy themselves.  They also come across a man eating mushroom-like water creatures, fish and bulldogs who mate (males are dogs and females are fish) and a strange romance between Kathy Ireland (Covergirl model) and Wallace Shaun (the masked avenger from Radio Days and one of two participants in My Dinner With Andre).

There are some laughs in this outrageous comedy but it's basically silly.  Jones and Carr are perfect in their parts as they fight the dictator to free Garr from marrying the limited leader, but there isn't enough to keep adult attention.  Kids might have a good time.

Mom and Dad Save the World

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