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Mission to Mars Mission to Mars

How many of us on a clear night has not looked to the sky and wondered what was out there, if we were alone in the universe.  As we age, these questions remain and Mission to Mars exemplifies man's need to know, to struggle in the face of adversity and, most importantly, to conquer.

Set in the year 2020, NASA is still the dominate space agency on the planet and has succeeded in building a functional space station and having landed a team of astronauts on Mars.

The mission commander of the Mars One mission is Commander Luke Graham (Don Cheadle previously in Volcano, Devil in a Blue Dress, and Bulworth) quickly finds himself in trouble and sends a noisy, cryptic message back to NASA.  Unable to gain any further communication or information, a rescue mission is mounted.

This rescue mission is piloted by Commanders Woody Balke (Tim Robbins of Arlington Road and Nothing to Lose) and Jim McConnell (Gary Sinise of Forest Gump and Reindeer Games) and staffed by Dr. Terri Fisher (Connie Nielden of The Devil's Advocate and Soldier) and scientist Phil Ohlmyer (Jerry O'Connell of Jerry Maguire and TV's Sliders).  During the flight you are introduced to all the crew members and will be treated to what can only described as an "unique" dance scene.  All goes well for this heroic crew until they reach Mars orbit and the strength and courage of man is both displayed and tested.

Once on Mars, the rescue mission takes a back seat to the human condition.  Learning from the one survivor of the Mars One mission that "something" happened, the need to know takes over.  Here the special effects are above average and a real treat and the story takes an odd twist or two as the band of rescuers discover secrets and legends and ultimately save themselves.  Unlike so many other science fiction movies, there is some completion here even though a sequel could be done; it is not the main force of the movie.

If you enjoy sci-fi, you'll like this one.  But I do have one small request for you below.

Remember this movie when you look up tonight and see the stars.  Remember that man will never be satisfied on this one small rock we call home and that we as  global community could use this goal, this dream, this necessity to achieve as a unifying call and to reach our potential as we reach for the stars.

Mission to Mars

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