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Miss Congeniality Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality spends half its time running down beauty pageants and the other half building them up.  Throughout both parts, Sandra Bullock's Gracie Hart has us laughing at her antics and dialogue.

Bullock's Gracie, an FBI agent, is the antithesis of a beauty contestant.  She doesn't own a dress, picks her teeth, has no combs and snorts when she laughs.  Gracie is no beauty, but when a women is needed to infiltrate the Miss United States Pageant in Texas, she is the best the FBI can come up with.  Michael Caine's Victor Melling, a gay contest consultant, is hired to get Gracie Lou Freebush, Bullock's pageant name, ready to compete.  He comments that she is "without a detectable smidgen of estrogen," and calls her Dirty Harriet.

Benjamin Bratt's Eric Matthews is the agent in charge at the contest who becomes interested when he sees her all primed up.  We learn some beauty secrets like using Preparation H for under eye swelling, hair spray to keep a bathing suit from riding up and of course padding to shape her bust line.

William Shatner is the master of ceremonies who is lost when the ringer from New Jersey goes into action.  Ernie Hudson is the frustrated FBI boss.  Candice Bergen is a frustrated pageant leader in an empty part and Heather Burns is Cheryl from Rhode Island whose insecurity is eliminated through Gracie's friendship and advice.

Miss Congeniality is repetitious at times but works best when Bullock is acting up like a modern Lucille Ball, falling on cue, using great facial expressions and strutting her stuff during physical fighting stunts.

Without a perfect script, Miss Congeniality manages to keep us smirking and giggling even through the repetitive stunts.  The obvious script doesn't loose us either, and we find ourselves cheering Miss Congeniality in the end.

Miss Congeniality

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