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Val Kilmer, Christian Slater, LL Cool J, Jonny Lee Miler, Kathryn Morris,
Clifton Collins Jr., Will Kemp, Patricia Velazquez and Eion Bailey

Rated: R
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: May 13, 2005 Released by: Miramax

Mindhunters hints that profilers will search out a serial killer through a process that involves thinking. All the young ambitious agents face is a "Ten Little Indians" scenario with no thought process, just an excuse for slaughter. We quickly find ourselves caught in another stab, jab, behead, tear and bloody massive murder film. Hey we just finished with House of Wax, how about a break.

Those who are fans of Val Kilmer and or Christian Slater best come early and leave quickly because they are not around for any length of time, perhaps instinct to escape this mess was strong in the two seasoned actors.

Those who remain get to see and smell rotting animals and the systematic dismantling of each so called smart FBI agents who are locked away on a deserted island. The cast doesn't even get to enjoy the beach - the entire story takes place in the bowels of an abandoned building. Light, water, numbers and time play a part along with a little, very little, CSI.

The film would be weak on the SCI FI channel but on the bigscreen it is lost. It does however, teach us that cigarettes can really be dangerous, that 15 minutes are vital and even deranged killers can play with dominoes.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Mindhunters D+     D+       D+

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