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Miami Rhapsody

Miami Rhapsody
Sarah Jessica Parker, Mia Farrow, Antonio Banderas, Gil Bellows, Jeremy Piven and Carla Gugino

Rated: PG-13 
Reviewed by: Linda  
Release date: January 27, 1995 Released by: Hollywood Pictures

Miami Rhapsody relates the story of Gwyn Marcus (Sarah Jessica Parker), a bright, spunky woman whose rigid ideas of marriage are forcefully expanded when she discovers the marital tensions of those around her.

David Frankel (writer/director/producer) makes his feature directing debut, electing to do so with a film set in the city in which he resides.

Frankel's vision was inspired by hid own real life experience. As he noted, "I'm at the age where a lot of people get married -- and I see a lot of people getting divorced already, a lot of friends who are not so happy. I wondered why we keep doing it anyway. That's what the movie's about."

Parker was delighted with the opportunity to play the role of Gwyn. She is an excellent comedian who quickly brings the audience on her wavelength. As Frankel intended, we stay right with her as she accepts a marriage proposal and then attempts to gain a fuller understanding of what makes a marriage tick...and keep on ticking.

The film is reminiscent of a Woody Allen film, complete with a likable neurotic (Parker) and the cast of Mia Farrow. The entire case is excellent and I enjoyed many laughs throughout this high-spirited film.

  Frank Chris Linda  Avg. 
Miami Rhapsody        A   A 

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