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Me, Myself and Irene Me, Myself and Irene

Welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of Jim Carrey!  In what is likely to be one of Carrey's most memorable films, Me, Myself & Irene showcases his physical humor, great comic timing and a commanding screen presence.

Our story starts at the beginning, as the narrator puts it, in a quiet little Rhode Island town where Carrey's character, Charlie Baileygates, resides and works as state police officer - yes, a police officer!  Charlie quickly married the girl of his dreams, Layla, played by Taylor Howard (of Dirty Work).  Even as Charlie carried his bride over the threshold, the fun begins and the marriage is in trouble.  The instant attraction between Layla, who is the MENSA president for Rhode Island, and the diminutive driver of their limousine, who happens to have a rather large chip on his shoulder, an even bigger mouth and yet an even bigger IQ as he turns out to be the President of the Boston MENSA chapter.  As fate would have it, Irene gives birth to three wonderful baby boys, who seem to have "nothing" in common with Charlie and as the three grow, it becomes very obvious the boys are not caucasian.

The trouble starts when Layla leaves Charlie for her fellow MENSA member, played by Tony Cox, in a very memorable scene.  Enter Hank: the vulgar, aggressive, drinking and rather kinky alter ego of the very subdued Charlie.  After some altercations which trigger Charlie to turn into Hank, it is discovered that Charlie has a split personality.  There is one scene of a little girl skipping rope shown in the previews and on TV; what you see in the theater is a little girl who tells the mild mannered Charlie to "F--- off!".  This scene is priceless and his ultimate revenge as Hank is even better.

We are also introduced to Charlie's three sons: Jamaal, Shonte Jr., and Lee Harvey played by Anthony Anderson, Jerod Mixon and Mongo Brownlee.  These talented young men have such great timing and delivery that you will have tears from laughing so much at their antics.  It is nice to see young African American men cast is such strong roles.

Now enters Irene (Renee Zellweger of Jerry Maguire fame), a victim of circumstances who
is involved second hand in some shady deals of her boss.  It turns out she is wanted by the police in
upstate New York for questioning.  In order for the Rhode Island State Police to decide what to do with Charlie / Hank, he is assigned to bring Irene back to New York - on a motorcycle.  The drive delivers some wonderful scenery and great comedy.

The issues that force Irene back to New York also force her to seek protection from Charlie.  It is here we see the rather unique "love story" develop and the competition between Hank and Charlie for not only the girl but for the body they both reside in.  The chase that follows is great and the ending, though predictable, is very good.

Go see this one and be prepared to be shocked at some of the humor, but also be prepared to see what is likely to be one of the top five films of the summer.

Me, Myself and Irene

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