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Memoirs of the Invisible Man

Memoirs of the Invisible Man
Chevy Chase, Daryl Hannah and Sam Neill

Rated: PG-13  For language.
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: February 28, 1992 Released by: Warner Brothers

Chevy Chase stars as Nick Halloway, a stockbroker who meets the girl of his dreams, Alice (Daryl Hannah) the night before his life changes forever.

Nick attends a seminar where he wanders off to find a quiet place to sleep off a hangover. While sleeping, the building he's in is destroyed by a nuclear accident, and he's left invisible.

With Nick's condition inspiring endless possibilities, international assassin, undercover spy, etc., the CIA, headed by relentless agent Jenkins (Sam Neill), not one to allow a good national weapon to slip through his fingers, tries to nab the elusive Nick every way possible.

Nick experiences some unique problems. He has to hide after eating because the contents show up in his transparent stomach, her only owns one set of invisible clothing and it's pretty hard to get a close relationship going with his new squeeze.

The Book, Memoirs of an Invisible Man by H.E. Saint is a sci-fi thriller with comic images, so Chase had to tone down his brand of broad comedy to play Nick, which he does nicely. He also had to endure hours of elaborate makeup and special effects, which are great. Especially good are the scenes when Nick gets caught in the rain and the outline of a glossy, wet figure runs across the screen.

Memoirs, one of my favorite books, is imaginative, comical and dramatic, and a pleasant and rewarding reading experience. I'm happy to say that John Carpenter's film does a good job in re-creating some of that enjoyment.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Memoirs of the Invisible Man  A-   A-                     A- 

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